Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stressful Afternoon

After serious deliberation and debate, we decided to take down four of our neighbors' trees, three in one yard and one in the other.  The tree service came this afternoon and took down one oak and one sweet gum.  Two pine trees remain, but we need to get permission from the neighbor who lives diagonally behind us for the tree service to bring a bobcat into his backyard.  Fortunately we know him, so I'm waiting to hear back about that.  In the meantime, the oak tree was very easy to drop, but seeing if fall put my stomach in knots.  The sweet gum tree was dying and dropping limbs in our front yard and has already damaged my fig tree, so I was happy to see it go.  Plus, it drops the gum balls in our yard, and it's a pain to get those up.  They managed to take down that tree without dropping any limbs on my fig tree.  They moved my potted blueberries for me, and I'm glad they did.  The only almost-heart attack I had was when one guy threw a limb on the onions and then another stepped on my beets while picking up the limb.  I came out of the house like a crazy person when I saw that.  The boss man laughed and told me I could yell at them, but I think after they saw me run at them with fear in my eyes, no yelling was needed.  They quickly retreated to the neighbor's yard to be safe.  Crazy woman alert!  Hopefully the two pines can come down tomorrow.  I'll keep you posted and pictures to follow.   

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