Thursday, March 10, 2011

Community Gardens

Having lived in Atlanta for a few years, I really enjoyed this video on some of its community gardens.  My neighborhood doesn't have a community garden, but I've become acquainted with a lady who helps run one in a neighborhood very near to mine.  I hope to volunteer some time and maybe resources this year to that garden.  It is a somewhat depressed neighborhood, so I'm interested to see how the garden has helped, much like the one discussed near the end of this video, in its few years of existence. 

Urban Agriculture in Atlanta

Do you have a community garden near you?  If so, how do you participate?

Happy homesteading,



  1. We have two community gardens in our city. I have always said I would like to help out. One of them has plots that people can rent for the summer and the other is run by Somali refugees. I will have to check them out this summer :)
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. lazytoadfarm: Have a nice weekend too! It's supposed to hit 75 here on Sunday and finally some sunshine!