Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blackberries and Raspberries and Bats, Oh My!

A few years ago, we planted blackberry canes along the edge of our driveway, and since they were starts, we just let them grow.  Last year we should have trellised them, but I was so busy with work, they got ignored.  They sprawled all over the ground and took root wherever they landed.  I wasn't too worried about them taking over the yard because they can't get past my driveway, but some did root in my neighbor's yard.  I pulled those out.  Today, we took care of the problem and used some of the bamboo from up the street to create a trellis strung with wire.  Nate beat three 7 ft bamboo sections into the ground, strung wire end to end at heights of 2 ft, 3.5 ft and 5 ft, and then braced everything on each end with more wire.  It looks great, and now most of the canes are off the ground.  Now that I have a proper trellis, I think I could dig up some and realign them with the trellis for better management.  The bamboo is beautiful and natural and free.  I already had the wire, so I love when projects come together without a trip to the store. 


We planted some raspberry canes along the front of our deck this evening.  The lengthening of the days is always a blessing!  Hopefully they will thrive there.  With the trees gone, I think we've gained 2-3 hours of sun along the back of our house, which should bring us to six hours of sun on some sections of the yard.  

Before it got too dark to see, I was watching some bats dart around the sky.  I love to see bats because I know they are natural mosquito control.  I can use all the help I can get in that department. 

Happy homesteading,


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