Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Flowers

I get so excited to see the flowers start blooming in the spring. 

I just love the crisp white of this Iris,

and the Phlox and Dianthus are pretty in pink.

The Bugleweed is not in full bloom yet, but I couldn't resist.  It was given to us last year so this is the first time it's bloomed in the yard.  I just love it!

The Azaleas are just starting their parade of color, and soon our yard will be filled with color, front and back.

Lastly, I must apologize publicly to my hydrangeas.  I'm embarrassed to admit I've neglected them lately, so I spent a considerable amount of time pruning them this weekend.  I have ten throughout the yard, so it was no small task.  They are so low maintenance it's easy to forget about them.  It may not be the appropriate time of year for pruning, but it was easy for me to see the buds and know which ones to leave alone.  Plus, I was motivated, and the weather was not too hot and sticky yet.  I'm ashamed.  Look how dense this is; you can barely see through it.


This after picture doesn't do it justice, but there is a world of difference now. 

Don't be like me!  Prune your hydrangeas and keep them happy.

Happy homesteading,


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