Monday, March 7, 2011

Hawk Scare

As we let the ladies out of the run to free range in the yard, we always tell them, "Ladies, look to the sky or you die."  Once I finished with work today, I went outside to let the hens out to enjoy what is left of the day.  Oddly, they made a beeline for the loropetalum and not the grassy area of the yard.  They always head straight to the grassy area for their daily greens, but not this time.  Thankfully, I had enough sense to follow our advice and look to the sky.  Apparently, they had already done it.  Above me at the tree line were four huge hawks circling the yard.  They were flying REALLY low.  I ran into the shed and grabbed some bird seed and called everyone back into the run.  They know the yellow cup means bird seed so it takes them about five seconds to make it back to the run.  They don't get any free range time today, but better safe than sorry. 

Happy homesteading,


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