Monday, September 16, 2013

Falling in Love Again

I've fallen in love with my farm again.  It's the "get excited when you first meet" kind of love, giddy with excitement and potential.  I always feel the "this is my farm and I'm so proud of it" comfort love, but like all relationships, sometimes you need a jump start to get the giddy love going again, and we have had such a dreary rainy summer that the giddy was running on empty.

I was born to be outside, and I haven't gotten much outside time this summer.  I know this about myself, and I'm happiest when I'm outside whether it's being productive or just sitting on my deck watching chicken TV.  Add to my lack of sufficient outside time a dismal garden because of lack of sunshine and torrential rain, 3 inches of mud in the animal yard for three months straight, the chicken run flooding from one massive rain storm with a mama and 4 chicks in the thick of it trying not to drown.  Things like this can test your commitment to your passion but it can't break it.  Do you know why? 

Because here comes fall with her crisp mosquito-less lower-humidity air.  I've been working to get the summer garden cleaned up and doing some planning for my fall garden.  I'm craving some greens:  kale, collards, mustard, cabbage, lettuces, all of them.  Bring them on.  Bring on the fall/winter projects too, more beds, a better irrigation system that utilizes rain barrels, expanded fencing.

I've renewed my vows; my commitment is solid; my love is giddy.

Happy homesteading,