Sunday, January 16, 2011

Taking Down Trees and Blue Moon Cavorts

My dad came over today, and he and Nate took down two trees and some lower lying limbs on various trees in my neighbor's yard. We really need more sunlight in the backyard, and this was the first step. There are several trees that need the touch of professionals, but for now, I think we are moving in the right direction. As the sun gets higher in the sky, I'll be excited to see what effect today's efforts will have on the backyard.

The chicken tractor has been brought off its blocks and out of retirement for the rabbits. It's the perfect structure for them because I can put them in it, one at a time of course, and let them run around with only a little supervision. Blue Moon had the first round, and he was very timid at first and stayed inside for about 30 minutes, but he finally ventured into the run and after about any hour really started to enjoy himself. He was hopping and running around and bucking like a little bull. The chickens were super interested in him and hung around the run watching him. OP2 ventured over to see what the fuss was about and ended up running off with a puffed tail. Even Nate kept walking by and talking to him. I think Nate likes him. Even though he's a puffy pretty boy, he's a boy, and according to Nate, we don't have enough of those around here.

While Blue Moon was cavorting in the tractor, I stepped into the greenhouse and started some pepper seeds, Jalapeno, Chinese 5 Pepper, Chocolate Bell, Emerald Giant Bell, Red Minis, and Yellow Minis. I'm really loving the greenhouse. It's opening up a new world for me since I've never had any luck getting seeds started. The seeds I've started so far have sprouted, which is encouraging, and provided they prosper, will definitely giving me a jump start to my growing season.

What are your gardening goals this year?

Oh, and welcome to Jennifer, a new follower. Thanks for reading!

Happy homesteading,



  1. Thanks for the nod! Your blog title caught my eye :) I live for the weekends when I can be all homestead-y.
    On top of the usual gardening goals, the new ones for this year are to produce more squash and to grow sweet peas and baking beans.

  2. Good luck, Jennifer! All of my squash was destroyed last year by vine borers, so I wold love to have any squash this year.