Thursday, January 20, 2011

Canning Center

I've posted before about my canning jar fetish. I don't know how many dozens I have; I'm scared to count them. Some have been acquired new and others at yard sales, attic sales, from basements where they were headed to the trash heap, and from the kindness of neighbors. The vintage ones I love the most, and no one will ever get them filled with goodies. I'm sorry, but that's just the way it is.

I use my jars in a few different ways, first and foremost, to can, but I also store leftovers in them. My problem is, until today, I didn't really have a good system for storing them. I had some in a small cabinet in my kitchen, but I never seemed to have what I needed, and as we emptied jars, they would start to accumulate on the counter top because I wouldn't take them to the attic. Clutter overload for me! I have to have order, or I just can't function. Traipsing up and down the pull-down stairs to the attic to either put away jars or get them down for canning was annoying. Once in the attic, they were in such a varied array of boxes I had to search for the right box, and the boxes didn't match, which really got under my skin. I want to see what I'm looking for without having to search for it.

Today, I decided enough was enough, and the space in my office that was designated for my elliptical machine has become my canning center. Sorry elliptical; we'll get back together soon. Now, my jars, rings, and lids are easy to access and are organized, and I can see them. I even have space for my pressure and water bath canners and the jars that are still in my pantry and refrigerator filled with food.

I'm not quite finished because I'm thinking I might even bring my dehydrator down from the attic, so it would be my preservation center, rather than canning center.

I like it. I really like it!

Happy homesteading,



  1. I was just thinking today how it's that time of year... jars are collecting on our counter too as we blow through preserves. This is a good idea! Beside it I'd add a second rack with all the preserves still to eat. Right now, ours are in boxes.

  2. Jennifer: I was hoping to have enough room on these shelves for the canned goods, but it doesn't look like I will, so another shelf is a great idea. Right now, I have enough room in my pantry, but I hope to amp up my canning this year, and depending on the volume, I might consider some more shelving. Thanks for the suggestion!