Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Simple Sewing on a Winter's Day

We had a few inches of snow yesterday, which means the whole city shuts down, and it gives me an excuse to putter around the house with no agenda. Responsibilities are put on the back burner for the day.

One of my goals this year is to become a more proficient sewer. I took a sewing class a few years ago, and at the time did not have a sewing machine to practice what I had learned to the point I felt comfortable tackling more complex projects. Now, the skills I learned in the class are lost. I have to start over. Recently I found a very inexpensive basic sewing machine on clearance and bought it. It was a great deal, and I thought it would be a good machine to practice some simple sewing.

Over the holidays, I came across this book:

Wow, simple sewing, that's me!

So with no agenda and a few sweaters that no longer fit, I reduced, reused and recycled them into a draft snake. Perfectly functional for our office that stays extremely cold in the winter. Until yesterday, you could feel the cold air shooting under the door.

I only used the front panel of each sweater, so I still have enough to make another snake.

Here are the panels sewn together.

A closeup of the finished product.

Once it was sewn into a tube, I filled it with beans and whip stiched the end together.

I am quite pleased with it, and what I love about it is I didn't have to go out and buy anything. The materials were already on hand.

This is another project from the book I hope to tackle soon.

Happy sewing,


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