Saturday, October 30, 2010

State Fair

Nate and I recently attended the SC state fair and had a blast looking at all of the animals and exhibits. I have to say I haven't been to the fair in years, and the last time I went was not with the intent of prowling the livestock barns. Seeing the canning exhibits made me want to enter something next year, so maybe it's something to consider. We saw so many different chicken breeds, and I loved the angora rabbits. My biggest disappointment was the goats were not scheduled to arrive for another few days. I was really interested in seeing some Nigerian Dwarf goats close up. Eventually I would love to have some goats, and the Nigerian Dwarf is the breed that interests me most, mainly for its size.

This is a Jersey Giant behind Nate. They were absolutely huge!

I think the Silkies are cute, but I don't think I would want one.

But I would love to have some type of Polish chicken. They look so punk rock!

And I fell in love with some of the roosters. After this trip, Nate is really wanting a rooster. One day, when we finally move from a neighborhood and town, we'll have one.

Have you been to the fair lately? If not, check out the one closest to you!

Happy homesteading,


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