Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birds!

I mentioned in my last post that we had a new addition to the homestead. Her name is Bella, and she was adopted from some friends who could no longer keep her. She's had a time over the past several weeks with establishing pecking order, but the other girls have finally accepted her into the flock. She's a sweet bird and a good layer. Her original name was Rainbow, but she's such a pretty bird that we changed it.

While I'm talking chickens, I thought I would post some new pics of Thelma and Louise. They have grown to be beautiful birds to which a happy healthy environment contributes. I love to see their feathers glisten in the sunlight.

Thelma when we first got her

And, the beautiful bird she's become

Louise as a chick

Louise today

As I was browsing through pictures to decide which ones to use, I came across this photo of Vanilli. We bought her at the flea market because we just felt so sorry for her. She was a prime example of an animal who was poorly kept. She smelled so bad we could barely get near her. Contrary to what you may think, healthy chickens who have the opportunity to take dust baths and preen do not smell. Her comb was scabbed over from being pecked continously by other chickens, and her whole backside was missing all of its feathers, either from being kept in a cage or from being picked on by other birds. She was a mess.

Today, Vannilli is a completely different chicken, and who would have thought her featherless hiny would have grown such fabulous tail feathers. We didn't. Plus she lays green eggs. Nate calls her our American Bald Chicken as she looks like an eagle to us.

Finally, we have Pearl, our HHIC. She was our very first chicken and is our most special one. She's handicapped, but handles it like a champ! She's our best egg layer and a hawk attack survivor. And while she can be a mean old hen to the others sometimes, she's overall just a great chicken. She rules!

We are so blessed each day to get eggs from our backyard and so thankful we don't have to contribute our money to a dreadful egg industry.

Happy homesteading,


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  1. Great photos, Candace! Those look like beautiful and happy birds! I didn't know the story about Vanilli - I love to hear about people helping animals in need. Glad to see that she has such a nice life now.
    Keep the posts coming - I really do enjoy them! :)