Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Bunny Photos, Please!

You all seem to love the bunny photos, and why shouldn't you?  They are to die for! 

A friend is buying a bunny for her daughter's 4H project, and she and her husband brought their daughters over yesterday to pick out a bunny.  And for good reason, they couldn't decide.  Do they want the super cute doe who has the sweetest face known to man or the lilac buck or the blue buck I call Buddha Boy?  He is so fat and mellow!  So they left a deposit with me, and I'm waiting to find out which one they've chosen.  Plus, my friend wants to harvest the fiber, so one of my babies will be the perfect pet for them.

So, I have pedigree English Angora rabbits for sale.  They will be 7 weeks old on Monday, 5/9, and I will start to wean them at that point.  If you live within driving distance of eastern Georgia/western South Carolina and are interested in a bunny, let me know.

Without further delay, here is the main attraction!

This is the one I've been calling Buddha Boy.  He has the most mellow personality, and he is a chunky monkey!  His smokey wool is starting to grow around his mouth, so it looks like he has a moustache.  He looks like his daddy! 

This is my lilac buck, and one of the girls commented yesterday that he looked lavender in the sunlight.  That's exactly what he should look like.  He was frisking about today acting a fool and throwing the toy rattle I keep in the cage.   

Finally, this is my lilac tort doe.  She is fawn and lilac colored, and like I said above, she has the sweetest face! 

I can't believe how much they've grown in the past few weeks.

Happy homesteading,


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