Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blazing Hot!

Okay, it's not even June and for the past several days the temps have almost reached 100 degrees!  I can't bear to thing what the dog days of summer will bring.  I just know July and August are going to be brutal. 

My biggest concern with the rabbits was managing the heat, since they are covered in wool.  Imagine wearing a wool coat in 100 degree weather.  Not pleasant.  They are in the shade, so that provides some relief.  And, for the past few days, I've been freezing 2 liter bottles of water and putting them in the cages.  The rabbits quickly figured out what to do.  When I checked on them later the first day, each rabbit was stretched out by the bottle, and when I placed my hand between the bottle and the rabbit, it was cool to the touch.  The babies were stretched out one on each side of their bottle.  Too cute.

I also clipped down Blue Moon a few days ago, and he looks so pitiful, not like himself.  It looks like a $5 haircut at a beauty college.  I told him it would grow back, but he wasn't hearing anything from me.  He sulked for about a day, and now he greets me again.  I think he knows it is for the best, but he wouldn't let me take any photos.  I've been plucking Olivia, and her coat is thinned out pretty good now.  Her wool seems to release better than BM's, so she is easier to pluck.  She'll probably get clipped as well though.

So, we face the summer with shade, frozen water bottles, and crew cuts.

Happy homesteading,



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  1. Hi Candace! I wanted to return the blog visit and thank you for taking the time to comment on mine. Much appreciated!

    I used to freeze 2 liter bottles of water for my angoras too. They absolutely loved them. And I have to say that the clippings I gave them often looked like they were done with an egg beater! LOL