Friday, May 27, 2011

Cold Turkey

Even though I knew the time would come to sell the babies, it seemed in the future, always another day.

Buddha Boy was my first to go a few weeks ago to the home of a friend.  I took it hard but well enough since I still had two babies at home and BB was going to a place where I knew I could see him in the future.

At this point the weaning wasn't too severe.

Then, I sold the lilac buck.  I got a deposit on him a few weeks ago, about the time BB left, with a promise to pick him up by June 1.  He was going to TN, over 6 hours away.  I knew I would never see him again.  That stung, but I still had the lilac tort doe I had been calling Sweet Pea.


I had received some inquiries about her, but no one seemed serious until a few days ago.  I've also been screening inquiries to try to ensure good matches were being made, so I eliminated some prospects in that way.  I set up a time for the lady to come see her on Thursday.  Also, the lady from TN called to say she was coming to get her baby on Thursday to beat the holiday traffic.  Yesterday morning, I told Nate the buck would probably be gone by the time he got home from work so he should say his goodbyes.  I prepared myself to see my boy go knowing I still had the doe to ease the pain. 

A slow wean was what I could handle. 

In the back of my mind, I didn't expect to see the doe go.  Maybe I didn't really want her to go.  She went; she's gone.  The lady who bought her was very nice and has had an angora in the past, so she knows the care and upkeep required.  She immediately fell in love and whipped the cash out of her pocket before I knew what was happening.  I stood stunned as she and her friend drove away.  Then the TN lady arrived to pick up her baby.  He went; he's gone. 

Cold turkey in one day, and Nate didn't get to tell Sweet Pea goodbye.  We were both sad this morning.

I gave Blue Moon and Olivia some extra lovin' today, and told them they made such beautiful babies that someone drove over 6 hours one way to buy one and that when she saw him in person for the first time, she said it was worth every mile.   


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