Thursday, April 7, 2011

Seven Years

Nate and I are celebrating our seven year wedding anniversary this week, and I have to say, my husband is absolutely wonderful.  I think, no, I know he puts up with way too much from me.  Our first five years were relatively calm, cool and collected with a few trips to the nursery for a few plants, nothing major.  Then one day two years ago, I came home and told him I wanted some chickens.  It has avalanched from there.  A chicken tractor led to a garden shed, which led to raised beds and honeybees.  Okay the bees were really more him.  The garden shed was converted to a chicken coop with a run, and then rabbits were added, so the chicken shed had to be retrofitted for some rabbit cages.  This week he has been working on terraced raised asparagus and strawberry beds as well as a small rabbit shed.  A lesser man would have called me crazy and run screaming out the door by now.  He is talented, thoughtful, loving, tolerant, patient, witty and kind.  I don't deserve him, but I'm so lucky to have him in my life.

By the way, his birthday is this month, and he's going to hit me up for a big present.  I just know it.

He just read this post and started laughing because he is sitting beside me with catalogs in hand.  I know him so well!

This is one of my favorite photos of him racing cyclocross.  Miss Flying V:  If you are reading this, he is so jealous you live in Brussels because he LOVES cyclocross!

And another with Lucy and Onyx, two of his favorite girls.

And finally, a Halloween picture with his mullet wig.  A trick or treater asked him who did his hair.  It was hilarious.

Happy homesteading,


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