Monday, September 20, 2010

Bottle Tree

I have wanted a bottle tree for years! I first read of them in Southern Living, and years later, I finally have one. Nate made it for our anniversary, and he enjoyed making it so much, he plans to do another one. Our neighbor wants one for her yard as well. For several months, our bottle tree has been a natural metal, but rust was starting to accumulate, so yesterday Nate decided to paint it a fire engine red. It provides such a pop of color for the yard. Now I just need some blue wine bottles for it. Anyone?

If you are interested in a brief history of bottle trees, visit this site,

I hope you like it!

Happy homesteading,



  1. That's beautiful, Candace! What a lovely addition to your yard! And good job, Nate!!! :)
    BTW, I Daniel and I have started canning - we love it!!!! It's been a lot of fun and we can't wait to enjoy everything this winter!
    Thanks for sharing - your posts are always so inspiring!

  2. Thanks, Carrie! To me, canning is so satisfying whether you grow it yourself of get it from a local farmer. Either way you're preserving good food for your future.