Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I have this thing about Mason jars. To me, they are more than just a molded vessel of glass. They represent home and good food and security. When I open my pantry and see my jars lined up and filled with pickles and jam, chow chow and salsa, a sense of fulfillment and warmth fills my soul. I know they are there to feed me and Nate in the coming months and to provide heartfelt gifts to loved ones.

Most of my jars have been purchased at yard/attic sales or given to me by others. Those are the most special to me because they were once used by someone whom I've never met, but who used them to provide nourishment for her family and who knew what it was like to go out to her garden, pick what she was to can that day, and stand over a hot stove to preserve hard work and the freshest food possible.

Jars represent fellowship to me. I am blessed with some great neighbors. They think the chickens are great, totally support our newest venture, bees, and honor me with gifts such as Mason jars. Recently I saw one neighbor crossing the street with several old nasty-looking boxes, and my first thought was Mason jars. I was right. He was at a friends' new house helping them clean out the basement. He noticed several boxes of jars his friends were going to throw out. He immediately thought of me and ask if he could have them. This is the same neighbor who gave me free reign over his fig tree last year and will again this year. And yesterday, another neighbor brought me almost a dozen of the cutest jelly jars that belonged to her Mother. Rather than let them sit unappreciated in her storage building, she thought I could make good use of them. Boy, can I! Gifts like these help me fellowship with my neighbors and get to know them. In turn, as thanks, they get the benefit of homemade goodness throughout the Summer and at the holidays.

Right now, Nate has a thing about Mason jars too, but it's not the same as my thing. His thing is that they are all over the dining room table. I am slowly washing and organizing the jars my neighbor gave me, as well as, jars I recently bought at an attic sale. But, as soon as he spreads Fig Preserves over his bagel, he'll get over it and realize that mess of jars really equals love of my home.

Until next post, happy homesteading!



  1. I was searching blogs and came across this post! I have to say I completely agree! I have been buying mason jars wherever I can find them and my family gets a little frustrated when I can't always find a spot for them right away. But come next fall when they eat my jelly or salsa they will see the method to my madness!

    1. Leah: Thanks for stopping by and finding this post. I haven't read it in ages, and it just made my heart warm rereading it. I still stock-up when I see a good deal. As a matter of fact, I just bought 17 pint jars at a yard sale for $1! They are once again waiting to be washed and worked into my stash.