Friday, May 21, 2010

Going, going, gone

One of our hives flew the coop yesterday. Really! They were there in the morning, and gone later that day. It's almost like I imagined them there. Except for the fact, there is comb in the hive where there used to be none. We installed them Tuesday, and they were gone by Thursday. The nerve! They didn't even give us a chance. Our mentors came over this afternoon to investigate and didn't see any reason why they would have left. The other hive is doing fine, building comb, bringing in pollen, everything a young just-starting-out hive should do. We are very disappointed.

On a brighter note, Thelma and Louise are growing daily and are the sweetest chicks. Thelma loves to sit on Nate's shoulder, and where Thelma goes, Louise goes. One evening, he had a chick on each shoulder. Pearl is not taking kindly to the new additions. Right now, we have the chicks in the chicken tractor and our other two ladies are in the coop. We will work on getting them together this weekend again. The last time we put them together, Pearl sat on Louise and gave her a good peck on the comb, making her bleed. Bad Pearl!

I have enjoyed harvesting a few things from the garden this week. In addition to lettuce, which we've been harvesting for a while, we are just starting to get cherry tomatoes, blueberries, okra, and jalapeno peppers. We had a fabulous salad this week with the cherry tomatoes and blueberries. I don't buy tomatoes at the store as they usually have no flavor and just aren't worth the money, so having tomatoes on my salad was extra special.

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