Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All Quiet in the Yard

Once I decided I wanted chickens, the next step was to figure out how and in what to keep them. I did some research online, and Nate built me this fabulous chicken tractor. The doors drop down on both sides and on the interior of the run and are locked each night. Right now, Thelma and Louise are in the chicken tractor as Vanilli and Pearl slowly get used to them being around. We usually let them free range together in the evening and on the weekends, but eventually Thelma and Louise will move to the big house.

The chicken tractor was great for Pearl and Vanilli, but knowing we wanted to expand our flock this year, we decided to build something bigger with a larger run, more secure and permanent. So, the GA State Henitentiary was developed and once again, built by Nate. It's actually my garden shed with a part of it converted to a coop with the run attached. At the Henitentiary, nothing gets in and nothing gets out unless approved by the guards.

I love the Henitentiary, and I think the ladies do too. Oh, and they do get free-range time out for good behavior.

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  1. Love the Henitentiary! It looks like a cozy, low security facility for non-violent offenders.