Friday, October 21, 2011

Warm and Toasty

When cold weather hits, my thoughts turn to knitting.  Last year, I knitted both Nate and myself a pair of slippers, but by season's end, they were toast.  They were knitted with a chunky yarn, and they didn't hold up well at all.  Plus, I didn't like the way they felt on my feet.  So, this year, I decided to try a different pattern.  I've never felted anything, but have wanted to since I started knitting.  What better way to try felting than a nice warm pair of slippers.  I had some fisherman's wool on hand and with the beauty of Ravelry, I found a pattern to try.  At the time, it was free, but  now I see she's charging for it.  Either way, here it is:

The slippers, being only 19 rows, knitted up fairly quickly.  I also learned some new stitches, which I enjoy.  I think this sets me up to finally tackle a pair of socks.  Here they are knitted but not yet felted:


And here they are after felting:

The fit perfectly, and are very comfortable.  I will see how well they wear over the course of the winter.  Now, Nate wants a pair.

Happy homesteading,



  1. They turned out great! Looks like a pair or two should be my next knitting project.

  2. The slippers look very nice!!! I love the rich brown color. I need to try making some myself. My mother made a pair for me that lasted for almost two winter seasons as shown here...

  3. Shari: Those were cute slippers. Too bad they wore out. The ones I made a really simple and very comfortable. You should try them.
    Leigh: You shoud make yourself some!