Tuesday, October 11, 2011


One could call me and Nate neat freaks.  Our house is tiny, and with a tiny house comes a responsibility to keep clutter to a minimum.  A place for every thing, and every thing in its place; otherwise, chaos and disorder ensues.  I thrive on order, and when things get disorganized, I go batty.  Of course, there is always an exception to the rule!  Our exception is our attic.  Yikes!

A few weeks ago, we decided to clean out our attic and have a yard sale.  Mind you, we have lived in our house for almost nine years and have not once cleaned out the attic.  Occasionally, we'll bring a few things down and get rid of them, but for the most part, stuff goes up and doesn't come back down. 

As of today and the exception of some of Nate's motorcycle parts, we have emptied our ENTIRE attic into our house, and it looks like a bomb exploded!  And I've gone through every cabinet and closet in the house to rid them of unused, not needed stuff.   The clutter is driving us crazy.  But, it has put me in a purging mood because it's not going back up there.  I have made countless trips up and down the drop down ladder.  If it doesn't sell, it's going to charity.  Perhaps it can do someone else some good because it's not doing us any good stored away.   

So, this Saturday is D-Day.  I'm praying for good traffic and sales.. 

Happy homesteading,



  1. Hi, Candace! I am with you! I am a cleanie, but not many people are!! Why is that? Good luck at your garage sale...hope it all sells!
    Hope to have you stop by again!!

  2. You'd go nuts at our house. With all our remodeling, one room or another is always being shuffled to another part of the house. Seems like an attic would be a great place to hide it all. :)