Monday, August 8, 2011

Neighborhood Friendly Rooster

Well, we finally got us a rooster.  He's made of metal and he's quiet as a mouse, but he sure made the ladies take a second look. 

We did an experiment with him to see how the ladies would react.  They would not come anywhere near him, and Thelma, our barred rock, kept giving him the eye.  Every time I tried to move him near, they would run.  I even did an experiment with a cherry tomato.  They normally fight each other to get a cherry tomato, but not tonight.  I could see the motors turning, but the lure of the tomato was not strong enough.  It reminded me of a time when I brought home a fake metal cat, and my cat, Lucy, growled at it and walked up to it and smacked it in the face.

He's a pretty rooster.  Now, Nate has a rooster, and the neighbors won't complain about the noise.

Happy homesteading,


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