Friday, August 19, 2011

Free Books

I have been researching the different e-readers lately and thought I might want one for my birthday.  I have been leaning towards the Kindle, but I've hesitated because I know that money could be used for something so much more useful around the house.  There are so many projects I want to do and spending money on an extravegance didn't seem right.  I have always loved reading; it's a big part of my life.  I grew up going to the library and still do, but the convenience of downloading a book at home called to me.  Plus, I really loved the idea of free e-books off Amazon, and I noticed the Kindle is advertising the possibility of an app later in the year that allows downloading e-books from the library.  My curiosity was piqued, so at my next library visit, I asked the librarian if the library system had an e-book library.  She showed me where to go online.  I had to download a program from the e-book website and the Adobe digital e-reader program.  The website also houses audio books.  Each library system will probably have its own host website, so if you are interested, check with your local library.

The e-books from the library are great, but the selection is limited, so I started wondering if there was a way to download the free e-books off of Amazon without a Kindle.  I had not really put too much time into researching this because I've been busy with other things and I've had books for read, both from the physical library and the e-book library.  But, low and behold, today I was catching up on one of the blogs I read, and she recently did a post on this very subject!  I followed the link for the Kindle for PC app and am now able to download e-books off Amazon, including the free ones.  Here's the link to her blog if you are interested in Kindle apps to use if you don't have a Kindle:

I don't mind reading the books on my laptop, and now I have what I really wanted out of the Kindle, which is the ability to download e-books.  I can put my laptop on my lap desk and read where ever I want, so portability is not an issue for me, and when I travel I would prefer to take a real book with me anyway.  Maybe I'll eventually get a Kindle, but for now, I'm content.

So, happy e-reading,




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  1. I am so happy you found this useful and thanks for sharing it with your readers. I try to do a twice monthly roundup of some of the best free Kindle e-books; I'll be posting another one tomorrow if anyone is interested. Most of these don't remain free for long, but getting them when they are makes the deal even pc app AND free e-books!