Sunday, June 12, 2011


My little blog has received its first award from Leigh at 5 Acres and a Dream, and I am deeply thankful for her recognition.  I recently found her blog, and it has quickly become one of my favorites.  Its everything I think a blog should be, inspirational, fun, versatile, educational, well-written, and great pictures.  She makes it look so easy.  As I am a somewhat fledgling gardener and homesteader, I am also a fledgling blogger, so I have lots of work ahead of me.  Because I work outside the home, sometimes my blog falls to the bottom of the list, but I am so grateful for the readers I have and who share comments and encourage my progress!

For this award, first, I'm supposed to write seven things about myself that I haven't yet shared on the blog.  Second, I'm supposed to pay-it-forward to at least one blog I enjoy and think worthy of recognition.  I am a raindrop in an ocean of excellent blogs, so how does one choose?

Let's start with the seven things about me:

1.  Since I was a child and to this day, I hate to do dishes.  One of my chores growing up was to do the breakfast dishes, and during the summer, my mom would tell me no one can come through the door to play until ALL of my chores were done.  Since my mom worked, my brother and I were really left to our own devices during the summer.  No one watched us, but my aunt lived up the street.  Anyway, my best friend at the time would crawl through the window each day to wash the dishes for me so I could play.  Technically she wasn't coming through the door.  We finally got caught or maybe my brother told on me, but that ended my way away the rules for that scenerio.  I've always been a rule breaker though. 

2.  I'm sure I was a cat in a former life.  I possess every trait you associate with a cat.  I am also a Leo.  As a matter of fact, Nate's nickname for me is Pussy.  I love, love, love my cats, and I'm afraid of dogs.

3.  I'm part Native American (Cherokee), but only a small part.  I would love to be more.  I'm particularly excited about growing Cherokee Purple tomatoes this year!

4.  I met my husband, Nate, in 1994 at the bike shop where he stills works, but we didn't get married until 2004.  He says it was love at first sight.  He is the funniest person I know.

5.  I'm a Southern girl, born and bred with one small flaw.  I make excellent sweet mint tea, but for the life of me, I can't make a decent biscuit.  Making biscuits should be in my genetic code, but somehow it missed me.  Oh, and I love grits with plenty of butter and salt and pepper!   

6.  I got my cat, Lucy, around the same time Nate and I met.  She is 17 years old and is a one-person cat.  Nate gets so jealous.  He will take her from my lap and put her in his, but she gets up immediately and comes back to mine.

7.  My favorite TV shows are The Waltons, Little House on the Prairie, The Vampire Diaries, Ghost Hunters, Dancing with the Stars and Glee.  We don't have cable, so I normally watch the modern shows on Hulu.  I have The Waltons on DVD, and I've just started buying LHOTP on DVD.  I only have season one so far. 

Now comes the hard part!  I really enjoy so many blogs for various reasons, but here are some I think stand out.  To me, these blogs have something unique about them that resonates with me:

To my roll call participants:  For some reason, blogger won't let me respond to my own posts, so thanks for participating. 

@ Jessica:  I am so envious of all of your chickens and roosters.  My neighborhood would probably kick me out if I had that many.  Maybe one day I'll have a farm of my own to expand my flock.
@Sharon:  Unidentified berries; I love it!  What kind of rabbit do you have?
@Illoura:  Everything counts!

Happy homesteading,




  1. Interesting! I can't seem to make anything bread related. I just tried to make dinner rolls last night and for some reason dough never rises properly.

  2. Stephanie Ann: Oddly, I have better luck with yeast bread than biscuits. Have you ever tried no-knead bread? It's almost fool-proof! I have posted on it before. If you click the "bread" label, you should find the post.

  3. Your 7 things were some of the most interesting I've read so far! Very fun. I agree it's difficult to nominate folks for awards, it's the hardest part for me. So glad you participated though. This is a great way to get to know one another and discover great new blogs.

  4. Leigh: Hey, thanks! I try to write interesting stuff because that's what I want to read on other blogs.