Friday, June 17, 2011

Chocolate, Cherry, Blackberries

Sassy, frassy, ummm, you so nasty!  Just joking!

We have been getting some beautiful blackberries this year.  As a matter of fact, the blackberries have been our biggest success for far this year.  The trellises Nate put up have worked wonderfully.  I posted about them here:  Blackberries and Raspberries and Bats, Oh My!.  Getting the canes off the ground has made a world of difference.  And, in anticipation of ripening berries, I bought two rubber snakes and weaved them amongst the canes.  I move them every few days, and they seem to be working.  I don't mind sharing, but I know given the chance, the birds won't think twice about us, and they will strip the canes clean.  We have a thornless variety, which makes them very easy to pick, and some of them are as big around as my thumb.  They are delicious!  What we haven't snacked on is being frozen, and I plan to freeze enough to make some jam down the road.  Now, if I can get my strawberries and raspberries producing, I will be a really happy camper!

Happy homesteading,


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