Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Double Egger

This is our Black Star chicken, Pearl. She is our star egg layer.

She has laid a double yolk egg in the past, but I swear she laid two eggs today. We were on vacation last week, and it was a staycation, so the chickens were allowed to free range almost all day every day. Needless to say, they were pretty mad yesterday when they were left in the run. Vanilli expressed her anger in very loud calls and ran up and down the run having hissy fits. Well, we didn't get any eggs yesterday. Normally when we don't get an egg from one of the chickens one day, there is usually an egg waiting for us the next morning. There were no eggs this morning when I checked the nest boxes. I came home today and there are three eggs in the nest box. Thelma and Louise are not old enough to lay, so I know it was neither of them. There were two brown eggs and one green one. The only chicken that could have laid the brown eggs is Pearl. I checked online to see if a chicken can lay more than one egg a day, and while it is rare, they can. Pearl got an extra fig tonight for a reward!

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