Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Crazy for Figs

My neighbor, the same wonderful neighbor who brought me several boxes of mason jars a few months ago and whom we affectionately call the Squirrel Slayer, has part of a gorgeous fig tree falling into his yard from his neighbor's yard. Last year he gave me free reign to pick figs from his side of the fence, and I made the most of it. You see, I am somewhat of a fig fanatic. Fig jam, preserved figs, fig marmalade, fig pizza, dried figs. Figs, figs, figs. Nate asked me last year if I was sick of figs yet, and I thought he seriously needed to be committed. I asked him if he was crazy. They rank pretty high on my list of favorite fruits and to have such a wonderful supply of them is amazing. I digress though. This evening, he told me his figs are starting to ripen and to pick as many as I want. He also went on to say that he was speaking with the neighbor in whose yard the fig tree originates, and he mentioned to her how much I love figs. She told him I could come to her yard whenever I wanted to pick figs. The majority of the tree is in her yard, so I am so excited to have access to that part as well. Don't you know I hightailed it over to his yard after supper and picked a large bowl already. While there, I saw the neighbor lady in her yard, introduced myself and talked to her about coming over the fence to pick on her side. She was very nice and said whenever I want, just come on over. I think I will wait until the weekend so I won't be a nuisance, but I am so stoked. We are eating our last jar of fig butter so the timing is perfect. These are the beautifully sweet figs I picked tonight.

Happy homesteading,


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