Thursday, June 3, 2010


Since becoming a chicken tender (ha, ha Lori) and beekeeper, I have been amazed at the conversations I've had with people. Both subjects are definitely conversation starters and people take a genuine interest in learning something about both chickens and bees. Many are amazed that chickens have personalities or that chickens will eat just about anything, including cherry tomatoes, figs and cockroaches. We have living pest control at our house. These hobbies are a joy to us, but are considered weird by some, admirable by others, and just plain "hippy" by most. I don't know many people like me, so in my close knit world of friends and acquaintances, I'm an oddity. Being an oddity, I have to go elsewhere to get knowledge and inspiration. I am a member of my local beekeeping association, so I have local support in that regard, but I often find myself going online for additional support and guidance. One of my biggest inspirations is a family in Pasadena, CA. Their organization is Little Homestead in the City, and I would say it's partly because of them that I started the journey I'm on and realized I don't have to own multiple acres or live in the country to strive toward self-reliance. Start where you are with what you've got. Their urban homestead is indeed a feat, and I am in complete awe of their accomplishments. For an eye opening look at urban homesteading, click their blog button to the right.

Happy homesteading,



  1. Ha ha ha ha! You really are my little chicken tender!

  2. LoriAnn: I knew you would love that! Thanks for reading.