Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bee Lessons

So, our mentors came over tonight to check our hive and make sure we are on track with everything. Prior to tonight, we've inspected the hive a few times on our own. Each time we wanted to make sure the bees were building comb and storing honey, and the queen was laying eggs. Tonight was especially great because we had someone experienced to point things out to us. Now, sit back and enjoy some of our recently taken pictures.

This picture shows burr comb (top right and left side), which is extra comb the bees build to fill in extra space. It's not needed, so we cut it off.

This frame is full of beautiful comb the bees have built in a matter of a few weeks.

This is a great picture of capped brood (baby bees) and capped honey. The tan capped cells in the center contain the brood, and the white capped cells hold honey. In a matter of days, our bee population will expand dramatically as the new bees emerge from their cells.

Can you see the bee carrying pollen in this picture? It's easy enough; I circled her for you! Nate and I love to sit near the entrance of the hive and watch bees bring in pollen. The way they come and go is like a mini airport.

Last but not least, and probably my favorite pictures so far, some that Nate took.

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