Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Difference Between Ducks and Chickens

What is the difference between ducks and chickens in an ice storm?

The ducks are in the stream having a blast.  "Sleet, ice, schmice!  This water feels great!"

The chickens are in the coop demanding to see their labor representative.  "We told you during the last storm that this weather would not be tolerated!"
So, before I lose electricity, which is bound to happen when we get ice, I'll sign off.
Happy homesteading,


  1. LOL, my chickens are firmly entrenched inside the coop! No ducks, of course, but yours obviously have no problem with the weather!

  2. You hit the nail on the head in the difference between ducks and chickens!

    What's your current weather condition? Maybe you should think about a move to northern Minnesota . . . we haven't had any appreciable snow in over two weeks. Last night we were forecast to have a 90% chance of 3-5" and today it's 100%. But have we seen any white flakes coming down? Nope. Methinks Mother Nature is using up all her snow on the southern part of the country!

    1. Well, Mama Pea. You can have your weather back. Methinks Mother Nature made a wrong turn. Ha, ha!