Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What a Waste!

While walking through the produce section last week at the grocery store, I saw a huge trash can full of discarded produce.  I asked the boy who was working that section what he was going to do with it.  He said they throw it away.  What?!  This trashcan was seriously full of produce.  I asked him if I could have it for my compost pile, and he said I could.  Together, we loaded up three big boxes and home they came with me.  I would say over half of it was in perfect condition.  I gave alot of it to the chickens and rabbits over several days, which they adored.  There were complete bunches of lettuce, pak choy, kale, swiss chard, carrots and mini pumpkins and winter squash, and all of it organic.  He said I can have as much as I want, just call the day I'm coming to let them know to hold it to the side.  I am still amazed at the quantity that was headed for the trash.  What a waste!  But, I'm glad to take it off their hands, rather than it ending up in the dumpster.  It could be a good source of greens for the animals, not to mention a boost to my compost pile.   

Happy homesteading,



  1. That's great! For a while we were picking up bags of bananas from a local gas station. They were throwing so many away. We composted them until they finally realized how ridiculous it was and began ordering less.

    Glad your bunnies and chickens enjoyed them!

  2. Great find! All that waste is sickening -- I am glad you are doing something with the food.

  3. Wow Candace, that's fantastic! The waste that goes on my grocery stores is deplorable, but I suppose no one wants to pay for old or slightly damaged produce. Good thing you asked!

  4. Hey, all! I plan to take full advantage of this opportunity to help recycle some of the waste and to give the animals some free organic food.