Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I've Been Bitten

I have been asking myself lately when the homesteading bug bit me. Was it years ago when I ripped a garden article out of a magazine because I thought the best part was that the homeowner owned chickens? I still have the article. Back then, the thought never occurred to me I could be that person. Was it last year when I realized I get the most sun in my front yard, and I could grow vegetables there, rather than my backyard, which is very shady? This concept opened a whole new world to me of preserving a harvest and most importantly knowing how my food was grown and keeping it close to home. It could have been tasting local honey for the first time at Nate's aunt's house and finding out one of her co-workers was a beekeeper. The truth of the matter is these and many other moments culminated and brought me to where I am today, starting a blog about my progress, successes, and failures. I hope you will follow along and learn with me.

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  1. Great idea, Candace. I think it is perfect for you to start a blog. Your domestic pursuits are so inspiring! I will look forward to reading about and learning from you! Great photos of your "kids"! :)